RKSV Span Margin Calculator

Posted on 9th Mar 2015
by TopShareBrokers.com team

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What is SPAN?

SPAN Margin Calculator - The Standard Portfolio Analysis of Risk margin system provide a method to analyze the portfolio risk on future contracts. Future contracts are examined over a range of price and volatility changes to determine potential gains and losses. SPAN uses option pricing models to determine how each contract will perform over a number of scenarios.
Option Margin calculation is not an easy task, Its require lots of algorithm to come to an conclusion. The SPAN process is to determining the risk for each future and option contract by scanning over different prices and volatility scenario. Switch to Discount brokers and Save up to 70% on your brokerage fees.....

RKSV Span Margin Calculator -

Before defining what RKSV SPAN margin calculator is,I just want to ask you few questions-
    Do you trade in future and options?
    Do you want to know the margins you require before making a trade?
If your answer is yes, doing margin calculation is a tricky part and required lots of algorithms. Till now none of the full service broker in India is providing SPAN margin calculator, RKSV A discount broker in India is providing online SPAN Margin calculator which provide a feature to create a portfolio with equities, indices, future and options from all the major exchanges in India. RKSV SPAN Margin calculator support NSE, NSE Currency, BSE Currency & MCX exchanges.
RKSV Span Margin Calculator
This Margin calculator algorithm display SPAN margin, Exposure Margin, Value at Risk Margin, Extreme Loss margin, Net Premium and Total Amount Required for the decision-making.
You can enter multiple trades and evaluate margin benefits from calendar spreads or option strategies. When you select options, the calculation is done from the premium received based on the previous day's closing price. Join now fastest trading platform by RKSV as Upstox with lots of new features and Zero trading fee for Equity delivery segment. Read more about Upstox trading platform and Upstox Review.


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