Mutual Fund Investment with Zerodha

Posted on 21st Mar 2016
by Admin

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Direct Investment in Mutual Fund with Zerodha Coin

Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund Investment ( Zerodha is providing you a platform called Coin to buy mutual funds online directly from AMC, in that case distributor is not getting any commission from AMC, here Zerodha is a distributor. However to provide this service Zerodha will charge a subscription fee of Rs 50 per month above MF investment value of Rs 25,000. All your Mutual Funds, stocks, bonds,currencies will stay in Demat Account with Zerodha. So to avail this service, you have to have a demat account with Zerodha.

Example: Reliance Money Manager fund with regular plan having expenses .55%, rated 2 stars and return since launch is 8.37% as of April 14th 2017 by valueresearchonline.

Mutual Fund Regular Plan

Where Reliance Money Manager fund with direct plan having expenses .23% rated 3 stars and return since launch is 9.13% as of April 14th 2017 by valueresearchonline.

Mutual Fund Direct Plan

This is similar to investing directly with the AMCs except for you can view your complete portfolio at one place against buying mutual funds from traditional brokers platform where distributor charges commission of 1.5% upfront and 1% every year from your investments.This commission will start from day one of your investment till you redeem your complete investment. So if you are SIP investor investing every month, then you are paying very big amount as commission to your distributor.

If you like to start investment with Zerodha Coin, Please leave your information here and Zerodha representative is going to contact you ASAP.

Why to choose Zerodha Coin Direct Mutual Fund investment service?

    1: Invest in Direct Mutual Fund plans - so no commission charged on your investment.
    2: Single platform to have access to over 26 Asset Management Companies (AMC).
    3: Holding of MF in demat format, so can be pledge for loan.
    4: Since all your holdings are at one place, nominee of demat can claim the holdings in case of any unforseen instance.
    5: All investment tracked under single platform so single capital gain statement, P&L.
    6:Easy SIP, start stop whenever you want without any NACH requirement. Increase or decrease SIP values at will.

In nut shell, Zerodha Coin Mutual Fund is offering commission free direct plans and in true sense you are directly connected with your AMC while Zerodha is playing a role to bridge you with 26 different AMCs. To provide this service they are charging Rs 50 after your investment above Rs 25,000.

Investment in Mutual Fund with Zerodha as a ditributor

As we all know and witness, Zerodha is growing from one scale to another, here is one more excellent initiative by Zerodha. They launched a trading platform for investing in mutual funds in India. They have more than 20 AMC's in the total 40 AMC's in India. The rest are on its way.

Investing in mutual fund through Zerodha( is brokerage-free that means zero brokerage charges for investing in mutual funds and it is similar to investing in stocks. Mutual fund purchases are enabled for only those clients who have Zerodha Demat Account (Not IL&FS or any third party demat account) mapped to the trading account. Investors can hold mutual funds in their demat accounts along with shares, thus getting portfolio details in a single window. Similar to how you can pledge stocks, exchange approved mutual funds can be pledged to receive margin for trading F&O. It will begin shortly.

Zerodha review and Plans(20 Rs Per Trade,Free Delivery Trade)>>More Details

If you like to Trade with Zerodha, Please leave your information here and Zerodha representative is going to contact you ASAP.

The transactions would be executed through the BSE Star MF platform, Currently it is integrated with Q, the back office tool of Zerodha. Pre-filled Demat Application form is available at Q. Just login to Q and click on Profile to download your pre-filled demat application form. Just sign it and send it to get your Zerodha demat account opened.

Investors can preset buy or sell order of mutual fund units based on a particular NAV price. This is called Conditional Order. Once the price is triggered, the order would be executed. Unlike stocks where price changes every second, the NAV (Net asset value) price of mutual funds change only once at end of every trading day. Orders placed to buy or redeem a fund are typically executed based on the NAV price of the next trading day.

These orders are good or valid until cancelled. An email alert is sent as soon as any conditional order is placed. This will ensure that you don't have to keep checking NAV prices, and can run your investments in MF on an auto mode.

Investors can choose from various options for payment for Mutual Fund, such as lump sum payment, one-time investment or systematic investment plan SIP.

SIP or systematic investing plan is when you invest small periodical amounts instead of lump sums. On the Zerodha MF platform, you can start as many SIP's as you want with a click of a button without having to sign any mandate forms.

The DP charges for selling of Mutual fund is Rs 5.5. While purchasing there are no DP charges applicable.Zerodha also provide recommendations on choosing funds.


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User Comments

2. Kunal  Mar 22, 2016 4:51:21 AM IST Reply
Thanks Zerodha for Starting Mutual Fund service, Waiting for IPO service to start.
1. Ankit kothari  Apr 4, 2017 4:29:42 PM IST Reply
This Zerodha Coin service is really cool, I like the way he is making industry transparent.

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